The HAVE GOALS NOT GUNS YOUTH PROGRAM assists high school students to develop essential goal setting and life skills, including effective communication, time management, resilience, and problem-solving. By honing these skills during the summer, your youth will remain productive, effective and focused while gaining a competitive edge as they navigate their academic, personal, and professional journey....all in a fun-filled, interactive and safe environment.

The HAVE GOALS NOT GUNS YOUTH PROGRAM (HGNG) IS AN UNIQUE, ENGAGING AND TRANSFORMATIVE GOAL SETTING PROGRAM designed to specifically encourage your youth to focus on setting and achieving meaningful goals that will instill a sense of purpose and growth both academically and personally while steering them away from any and all negative influences and behaviors that has spiked amongst the youth and young adults. 

JULY 15-18 - 9:00am to 2:00 pm
***Limited spots are available per week to provide the best possible experience for our participants. We believe having small intimate sessions will enable us to prioritize the quality of instructions, individualize attention, and create a close knit group that supports and encourages each participant's goal setting journey.

  • EXPERTLY CRAFTED COMPREHENSIVE GOAL SETTING CURRICULUM that'll guide your youth through a step-by-step process of setting and achieving goals effectively.  
  • ENGAGING INTERACTIVE WORKSHOPS AND ACTIVITIES that'll include group discussions, team building exercises, interactive games that'll enhance crucial communication skills, problem solving abilities and leadership qualities. 
  • ALL RESOURCE MATERIALS, MANUALS AND KITS (Vision Board Kit, Mind Mapping Kit, Goal Setting Kit) that'll serve as references and aids through the entire program and beyond ensuring continued growth and development of reaching their goals.
  • CERTIFICATE OF ACHIEVEMENT that'll be given to each participant for their commitment, dedication and progress made throughout the program.
  • LUNCH MEALS AND SNACKS BREAKS will be provided daily for each participant. 
  • PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT SESSIONS...we believe that personal development is the key to unlocking your teenager's full potential. That's why this program will incorporate dynamic and engaging personal development sessions that will inspire, challenge, and guide them towards becoming their best selves and setting meaningful goals for their future.
  • INSPIRATIONAL GUEST SPEAKERS. We understand the power of role models and the impact they can have on shaping young teenager's mind. That's why we've curated a lineup of inspirational guest speakers who bring their unique perspectives, experiences, and insights to inspire and motivate your teenager to reach for the stars. 
    • AND SO MUCH MORE....